Special Friends Church Services


Special Friends Church Services are designed for adults with various disabilities and is led by our Outreach team and a great staff of caring individuals.


Our monthly event begins with a time of fellowship and snacks. Our church service includes lively music and a variety of creative methods to teach God’s Word, making it easier to understand. Prayer is a very important part of every service, as well. We have a team of prayer partners who are caring and sensitive to the unique situations special needs folks might ask them to pray about. Everyone is also given an opportunity to give back to the Lord at each service but there is never any pressure to do so. We teach the Biblical concept of being blessed by giving back to God because He first blesses us and gives us all that we need.


Service Times

3rd Saturdays of Every Month 2:00-4:00 p.m.

December Only: 2nd Saturday @ 12pm for our Annual Christmas Party



Worship is a vital part of each Special Friends church service. Our band and worship team makes every effort to bring people with disabilities a truly contemporary worship experience. We encourage everyone to freely express their praise and worship to God. Come and worship with us!



At Celebration Special Friends We like to Teach in a way that touches every learning style by bringing the Bible to life through dramas, visual aids, games, or crowd participation. This always creates excitement for the staff and attendees and will have them talking about the lesson back home.


Snacks & Drinks

 Snack foods and beverages are provided at every service free of charge. We desire to create an atmosphere which encourages the development of healthy friendships and what better way to do so than with food?



There is ALWAYS a bingo game for prizes after church service. There is never a charge to play and everyone wins every time. Come play with us!



Friends are such an important part of our spiritual lives. Special Friends strives to create an environment that encourages establishment of Godly friendships and time to nurture those relationships. Special Friends sta and attendees always have ample time to visit and share the love of God with one another.


Special Friends

Bringing God ’s Love to All! Please come join us as we endeavor to share the love of God with a hurting world. Our society and the church have historically overlooked people with disabilities. We are bringing the good news of Christ with unique services, friends and genuine love and understanding for them. It is a safe and engaging environment where all are welcome!


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