Celebration School of Leadership

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to do more for God through the local church, learn how to lead in the way God defines it, or wanted to know how to study God’s Word in a deeper way, then we want to invite you to be part of the Celebration School of Leadership.


The Celebration School of Leadership is designed for individuals age eighteen and up who are maturing in life and career. The Evening Program consists of two separate tracks: a Christian Leadership Track and a Theology Track.



The Christian Leadership Track is for those individuals who want to grow in their understanding of scripture while also gaining a knowledge of practical Christian leadership and ministry. The Theology Track is for those individuals who would like to grow deeper in their knowledge of scripture and how it impacts their everyday life. Through our University level theology courses and ministry leadership trainings, our hope is that at the end of your experience, you would be well equipped and ready to pursue all that God has called you to. To apply click the button below of the program you would like to apply for. 




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